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SQL Insert syntax for SQL Server

SQL Insert syntax consisting of 1) table_name 2) column_list 3) VALUES

  1. table_name – The name of the table into which you will insert data.
  2. column_list – A comma-separated list of the columns to insert data into. If this list is not provided, you will insert data into all columns in the table.
  3. VALUES – Indicates that you are going to provide one row of data.
  4. DEFAULT –Uses the default value from the table definition for the associated column.
  5. NULL – Sets the associated column to NULL.
  6. expression – Sets the associated column to the expression.
  7. select_statement – Any select statement that does not use the compute clause.
  8. execute_statement – You can execute any stored procedure that returns data.
  9. DEFAULT VALUES – Used to specify that you want to use the default for every column in the table