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Lesson 7DTS Package Designer
Objective Use DTS Designer to create a package.

DTS Package Designer in SQL Server

Microsoft provides a graphical tool for creating and executing packages called DTS Package Designer. This tool allows you to create and execute local packages or packages residing in a central repository.

While there are multiple ways to start DTS, the simplest way is to follow these steps. The image below explains this topic in greater detail.
Starting DTS
Starting DTS

  1. Bring up SQL-EM
  2. Select the server group
  3. Select the server
  4. Select Data Transformation Services
  5. Select either local or repository package
  6. Right-click to bring up the New Package menu
After you select New Package, the DTS Package Designer will start up. There are three main areas of the DTS Package designer:
  1. The task bar
  2. The data objects
  3. The design areas

The MouseOver below illustrates these areas.
The WorkFlow menu allows you to define a transformation from one or more data sources to a destination. You can also specify what to do on completion of a task for failed tasks, completed tasks, and successful tasks.

dts designer

There are standard tasks, data objects, and workflow items for use with the DTS Package Designer. While all tasks and all data objects require similar information, each has its own distinct use and will prompt you for specific information needed for the task or to access the data.

Tasks and data objects

The following MouseOver illustrates the different standard tasks and standard data objects used with the DTS Package Designer.

DTS Designer Tasks

Save a package

After you have created a package, you will normally want to save it. The DTS Package Designer allows you to save a package to the local server, a central repository, or a file. To save a package, select the Package menu, then select Save.

Saving a package
Saving a package
In the next lesson, you will learn how to schedule and run a package.

DTS Package Designer Buttons

Click the link below to view information regarding the functions of DTS Package Designer.
DTS Package Designer Buttons