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Lesson 4 Getting help with Access
Objective Use the Access Help system to find the information you need.

Getting help with Microsoft Access

Using online Help

Access has a great resource to help you with any questions – the online Help system. As you work through this course you may find that you have questions about more advanced features. The online help system can often provide you with the answers you need. The Help menu also offers other ways to get help with Access if you cannot find the answers you need within the Access online Help system.
The easiest way to access Help is to press the F1 function key. This displays the Office Assistant, a cute little icon (usually in the shape of a paper clip), that acts as your guide to the Help menu. You can ask the Office Assistant questions by typing in the white box and clicking Search to see a list of help topics that may answer your question. You then click a topic to view the actual help.
Once you’re in the Help system you may want to use the features in the Microsoft Access Help window to find help on additional topics. The three tabs, Index, Contents, and Answer Wizard, in the first pane of the Help window can help you find what you need. The following simulation guides you through the process of using Access’s online Help.

Using Access Help
In the next lesson learn to use the Database window to navigate an Access Database.