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Lesson 5 Filter records using multiple criteria
Objective Use Filter by Form to filter one table using multiple criteria.

Filter Records using Multiple Criteria

While Filter by Selection is simple to use it may not meet your needs. You may have criteria for more than one field, or you may have more than one criterion for one field. Filter by Selection does not provide the flexibility for multiple criteria, but Filter by Form offers you more options if you need to filter using more than one field in a datasheet. Use this Simulation to learn how to use Filter by Form.

Filtering by Form
Remember that criteria selected on the same tab must both be met in order for the record to “pass” the filter. When criteria are selected on different tabs, only the criteria on one tab must be met for the record to be displayed.
Click the link below to learn more about how to filter records using multiple criteria.
FilterRecords using Multiple Criteria
Learn how to filter using more complex criteria using the Advanced Filter Sort feature.