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Lesson 1

Introduction to Access Data Manipulation

This course builds on the Building Access Database course to provide a hands-on overview analyzing data with Access 2000.
In Building a Database, you learned how to create tables, put data in them, and define the relationships between tables. This course discusses how to work with the data, finding the data you want by filtering and querying, and creating forms and reports to display and analyze data.

Course objectives

After completing the course, you will be able to use Access to:
  1. Find, filter, and sort data
  2. Define queries
  3. Define criteria to limit data
  4. Create summary calculations
  5. Create calculated fields
  6. Create and edit forms
  7. Enter and edit data in a form
  8. Create and edit reports
  9. Create mailing labels
  10. Create HTML files from Access objects
  11. Create a Word mail merge data file from Access data
  12. Back up and restore a database
  13. Compact and repair a database
  14. Print database objects
In the next lesson, we will examine the course prerequisites.