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This website discusses Database Web Applications, Enterprise Issues and Business Rules, Queries-Cursors and Views, SQL Configuration, and SQL Server Database Creation.

Database Web Applications
Database Web - Glossary
Intro to Database Web Applications Database Concepts - Quiz
Enterprise Issues Business Rules
Enterprise Issues Business Rules - Glossary
Isolation Quiz Declare, assign, use variables
Sql Triggers - Quiz
Stored Procedure - Quiz
Queries Cursors Views
Queries Cursors Views - Glossary
Sysprocesses Table Using Subqueries - Exercise
Sql Configuration Monitoring
Sql Configuration Monitoring - Glossary
Trace Flags DTS Limitations DTS Package Designer
Sql Server Database Creation
Sql Server Database Creation - Glossary
Data Normalization - Exercise

Proven Success

Our e-learning solutions have helped companies tackle business problems and address the diverse needs for Data Base Web Applications, data modeling, data warehousing, and information retrieval.
SQL Configuration delivers knowledge in the areas of
  1. Data Base Web Applications,
  2. Enterprise Issues and Business Rules,
  3. Queries, Cursors, and Views,
  4. SQL Configuration Monitoring,

Configurating SQL is essential for the optimization of Corporate Data that is collected during the life of a company.
SQL Configuration has custom courses to fit your company's unique business needs.
From highly structured content to information presentation, all within an online learning environment.
Furthermore, our on-demand e-learning delivery is flexible and scalable for your SQL Configuration training needs.
This ensures consistent learning regardless of organization structure, locations, and audience.

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